Revenue at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Syoko, Yuta, and I got together and talked about their story leading up to their marriage. From hearing their story, I got a lot of sense of each of their personality. They are a kind of people, who uses little words, especially the groom. The initial thing that came across my mind was a passage from Shakespeare's play, Much Ado About Nothing, "silence is the perfectest herald of joy". A simple, translucent, and meaningful quote said by one of its leading roles (Claudio). Syoko and Yuta looked on in favor of the idea and the passage to be included in their wedding pamphlets. Great joy is not always accompanied by loud noise or grand gestures. Love can be ambiguous, silent, and beautiful at the same time.
祥子さん、雄太さん、私の3人で集まり、結婚に至るまでのお話を伺いました。話を聞いていて、それぞれの人柄がよく伝わってきました。特に新郎は、言葉数の少ない方でした。二人の話を聞き、最初に頭に浮かんだのは、シェイクスピアの戯曲『Much Ado About Nothing』の一節、「沈黙は歓びを伝える使者である」でした。主役の一人(クラウディオ)が言った、シンプルで、透明感のある、意味深い言葉です。3人でウェディングパンフレットに入れ加えることに決まりました。大きな喜びは、必ずしも大きな音や壮大なジェスチャーを伴うとは限らない。愛は曖昧で静かなものであっても、美しいものなのです。
Instead of naming each guest table with numbers or alphabets, it was named after the city and the year they both traveled to together. Then labeled onto an empty wine bottle that both have drunk together.

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